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Dietitians advise and guide people to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.  Dietitians are qualified and regulated health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems.  Within the Trust, our services include:

Barnsley community – we treat patients who require dietetic advice in the community in Barnsley.  This could be for a variety of reasons: diabetes, nutrition support, gastrointestinal conditions, mental health, enteral feeding.  Our patients are from all age groups and walks of life, and may be seen at home, in community clinics, remotely (video/telephone consultation), and also the inpatient wards in our area (for stroke and neuro rehabilitation, as well as the inpatient mental health wards).

Mental health, forensics, learning disabilities and CAMHS – we treat patients in inpatient ward areas and the community. Patients are referred via our nutrition risk screening tool. This can be for reasons of undernutrition, swallowing problems, diabetes and refeeding risk.  This is face to face where possible, with the option of virtual contact where appropriate.

What do you do in nutrition and dietetics?

We visit patients in their own homes, or see them in community clinics and/or inpatient settings, providing dietary and nutritional advice for a whole range of conditions.  

Examples of this include:

Improving a person’s nutritional status e.g. for someone who is under nourished;

Improving glycaemic control for a person with diabetes;

Reducing symptoms e.g. for gastrointestinal disorders;

Meeting a person’s nutritional requirements via a tube feed.

We also work with groups of patients, delivering education sessions for patients with type 2 diabetes, or for those considering bariatric surgery.

We work closely with other health professionals, including other allied health professionals (AHPs) general practitioners (GPs), pharmacists and specialist nursing teams, in addition to carers and families.

I love my job, I'm making a difference to the nutritional care of our service users

Elaine, dietitian
Typical roles within a dietetic service
Entry level (bands 2 - 4)


Dietetic assistant

Dietetic support worker

Qualified practitioner (bands 5 - 7)

Community dietitian

Specialist dietitian

Advanced dietitian

Advanced dietetic practitioner

Highly specialist practitioner

Senior leadership (band 8a+)

Service lead

Professional lead dietitian

Why join our team?

We are a friendly and welcoming small team.  We have an encouraging, inclusive and supportive culture, and all work together to support our service users.  The work we do is very rewarding, particularly when we improve the health and quality of life of our patients.  

We meet regularly as a team, as well as for clinical supervision to support each other and ensure we are providing a high quality, safe and effective service.  We regularly welcome student dietitians into our service as part of their training, and enjoy developing and growing the future workforce.

If you are interested in a career in dietetics with the Trust, please join our talent register to keep up to date with any opportunities we have.

Our promise to you

Our recruitment is person-centred. We're committed to keeping you informed at all stages and supporting you along the way.

You'll receive a first rate induction and access to a range of development programmes.

You’ll have access to our generous pension scheme, health service discounts and 27 days of annual leave plus bank holidays, which increases the longer you’re in service.

If you need a DBS check, we will pay for it, as well as your annual subscription fee for the DBS update service.

The Trust values its staff and due to our retire and return policy, I have been able to get the most out of my career and combine it with a better work/life balance.

Are you interested in becoming a dietitian?

Dietetics offers a varied and very rewarding career working in many clinical specialities and with all ages of the population.

By joining our talent register you will be kept up to date with any opportunities we have.

I love being able to help people. There is so much satisfaction in seeing a patient going home feeling well. Dietetics is often a major contributor to improvement in mental health as poor physical health is a huge contributor to poor mental health.

Andrea, dietitian
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