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Pharmacy ensure the safe and secure procurement, storage and supply of medicines in line with legal frameworks and provide advice and medicines information in line with professional responsibilities.

Why join our team?

The pharmacy service is provided across all areas of the trust and each locality has a distinct pharmacy team.

The pharmacy team consists of admin support, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.

We ensure our staff can provide the very best possible healthcare to our patients and their families.

Our vision is a pharmacy and medicines optimisation service which works collaboratively and compassionately with all services and service users to provide high quality, person centred pharmacy care and services to all.

We have approximately 50 employees within the pharmacy team.

If you join at entry level, you can expect a comprehensive induction package as well as mentoring by experienced members of the team and development supporting you to reach your potential and take the next steps in your NHS career.

As a post qualification employee, you will join an experienced and established team who will provide support and mentoring to enable you to do the best job possible and further develop your NHS career.

As a senior manager within the team you can expect to lead individual teams and work on more strategic elements of the Trust’s pharmacy strategy.

Being patient centred is about working in partnership with patients to help them to get the most from their medicines.

Mohammad, pharmacist
Typical roles in pharmacy
Entry level (bands 2 - 5)

Pharmacy assistant

Student pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technician

Trainee pharmacist

Personal secretary

Post qualification (bands 5 - 8a)

Senior pharmacy technician


Clinical pharmacist

Advanced clinical pharmacist

EPMA project manager

Senior leadership (bands 6 - 8d)

Technical services manager

Operational services manager

Lead pharmacist

Deputy chief pharmacist

Chief pharmacist

What we do in the pharmacy department

The pharmacy department are responsible for most things that involve medicines.

These include:

Procurement (or buying) of medicines

Supplying medicines either as stock or against a prescription

Providing medicines information to other staff and our service users and carers

Advising on the storage and security of medicines

Ensuring the safe handling of medicines

Reviewing medicines related incidents

Checking prescriptions are legal and appropriate for the person

Ensuring that information about a person’s medicines is kept accurate at all stages of the patient's journey

Supporting electronic prescribing

Producing and supporting the implementation of trust policies and clinical guidelines

If you are interested in a career in pharmacy with the Trust, please join our talent register to keep up to date with any opportunities we have.

Our promise to you

Our recruitment is person-centred. We're committed to keeping you informed at all stages and supporting you along the way.

You'll receive a first rate induction and access to a range of development programmes.

You’ll have access to our generous pension scheme, health service discounts and 27 days of annual leave plus bank holidays, which increases the longer you’re in service.

If you need a DBS check, we will pay for it, as well as your annual subscription fee for the DBS update service.

Being part of the pharmacy team is respecting colleagues, other healthcare professionals and pharmacy staff from other sectors of the profession.

Would working in the pharmacy team suit me?

Good communication is key in pharmacy.  You must also be able to work effectively and inclusively with a range of people, both within and outside of the organisation.

Other key skills include:

Diplomacy and tact

Ability to motivate others

Ability to work with others

Excellent customer service

Being organised

Good time management

A good problem solver

Analytical skills

By joining our talent register you will be kept up to date with any opportunities we have.

We help to inform our service users about any possible medication side effects and recommend solutions advising on safe drug combinations. We also help to educate families about medication routines.

A fact about our pharmacy service

99% of our service users will be prescribed a medicine by our organisation so our department is key to the satisfaction and safety of our service users.

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