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Occupational health

Occupational health is an independent, confidential, advisory service which supports the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all employees.

What do we do in occupational health?

The health and wellbeing of our workforce is one of our priorities. We promote a positive relationship between an employee's work and health.

The service aims to reduce the likelihood of conditions developing in to an acute stage or becoming chronic, through early treatment, with a focus on long-term condition management and relapse prevention.

Support is available via self-referral or management referral.

Our function is to establish and maintain a healthy and safe working environment, maintain a well performing and motivated workforce, prevent work related disease and accidents, and maintain and promote the working ability and wellbeing of employees.

Our occupational health team helps to keep people well at work both physically and mentally.

Occupational health is concerned with the effects of work on health and health on work.

Jane, occupational health advisor
Roles in occupational health

Administration assistant

Administration supervisor

Administration manager

Qualified practitioners

Health and wellbeing practitioner

Occupational health nurse

Staff counsellor

Occupational therapist

Occupational health advisor

Musculoskeletal practitioner


Head of occupational health

About occupational therapy

Here are some of the areas you may work in within occupational health:

• Anxiety management

• Relapse intervention

• Mental health assessment and interventions

• Stress and anxiety therapy

• Lifestyle management

• Physiotherapy

• Weight management

• Specialist registered mental health (RMN) services

• Physiotherapy

• Health and wellbeing

• Staff counselling

• Musculoskeletal (MSK) advice

• Administration

• Health checks

• Work station assessments

Our promise to you

Our recruitment is person-centred. We're committed to keeping you informed at all stages and supporting you along the way.

You'll receive a first rate induction and access to a range of development programmes.

You’ll have access to our generous pension scheme, health service discounts and 27 days of annual leave plus bank holidays, which increases the longer you’re in service.

If you need a DBS check, we will pay for it, as well as your annual subscription fee for the DBS update service.

My role ensures that our staff are looked after with their health and wellbeing which is a crucial part of what we do as a Trust

We make sure our staff get fast access to assessment, treatment and rehabiliation to ensure they can remain at work or return to work as soon as possible.

Stephen, physiotherapist
Our offer

• Quick and easy access to treatment and advice

• Specialist occupational performance assessments; in and out of the workplace

• Strategies to regain and maintain functioning within the work environment

• Development of skills and strategies to enhance work productivity and occupational disruption

• Support in symptom management

• Prevention of relapse in work-related stress and ill health

• Education for both employee and employer in reasonable adjustments and appropriate signposting to other support services

• The facilities to address work/life balance and lifestyle management issues causing ill health

• Enablement and maintenance of occupational wellbeing for employees

Alex Fenner - Occupational Therapist (acute mental health)

A day in the life of an occupational therapist working in acute mental health at the Trust

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