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Psychiatry is a medical field which focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health conditions for adults or children.

What's unique about being a psychiatrist at the Trust?

You will work with award winning teams in diverse settings including psychiatric hospitals, community clinics, medium and low secure psychiatric inpatient units and prison services.

You'll be helping our service users live their lives to their full potential, and supporting their families and friends too.

You will find many exciting prospects over and above the clinical work at the Trust such as learning new skills and opportunities for management. We will also work with you to achieve a good work/life balance.

If you are interested in a career in psychiatry at the Trust and wish to be kept up to date with our latest vacancies please join our talent register.

As a medical student I am currently on rotation, I have found the team I am working alongside to be very helpful and have taken a keen interest in my development.

Tom, medical student
Career pathway in psychiatry
Post graduate training

Foundation trainee

Core trainee in psychiatry (CT1, CT2, CT3)

Locum appointment for service (LAS)/Trust grade (FY1/2/3)

Higher level training

Higher trainee in psychiatry (ST4 - ST8)

(When you have completed higher level training you will be eligible to apply for consultant roles)

Specialist register

Speciality doctor

Associate specialist/ Specialist (SAS)


Associate medical director

What are the specialities within psychiatry?

There are a number of specialities within psychiatry. These include:

Child and adolescent psychiatry

Forensic psychiatry

General adult psychiatry

Medical psychotherapy

Old age psychiatry

Psychiatry of intellectual disability (PID)

Our promise to you

Our recruitment is person-centred. We're committed to keeping you informed at all stages and supporting you along the way.

You'll receive a first rate induction and access to a range of development programmes.

You’ll have access to our generous pension scheme, health service discounts and 27 days of annual leave plus bank holidays, which increases the longer you’re in service.

If you need a DBS check, we will pay for it, as well as your annual subscription fee for the DBS update service.

I feel privileged to have support from individuals working in different professional backgrounds drawing on their own knowledge and expertise for the benefit of each and every one of our service users.

What skills do we look for in a psychiatrist?

Counselling skills including active listening and a non-judgemental approach

Knowledge of psychology

The ability to understand people’s reactions

Excellent verbal communication skills

Active listening skills

Sensitivity and understanding

To be able to use a computer and various software and systems

I have worked as a consultant for a number of years and it is great to see the passion of our new students joining us. I would encourage anyone thinking of a career in psychiatry to go for it. Not only are you part of a great team you are also making an incredible difference to the lives of your patients.

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