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Information management and technology

Information management and technology (IM&T) ensure that staff have all the digital technologies, tools, training and support they need to fulfil their roles with confidence.

Information management and technology (IM&T)

The IM&T service is divided in to two key departments - IT services and systems development, and performance and information. These two departments are made up of smaller teams.

IT services and systems development includes: Service desk, telecoms, IT projects, registration authority and the systems development team. The IT services and systems development teams have both operational management, service management and programme/project responsibilities.

Performance and information includes: Business intelligence, information technical team, analytical team, the data warehouse team, information governance and records management.

Our purpose is to ensure our staff can provide the best possible healthcare using the latest digital technology and accessible systems which in turn enables us to report our performance back to key stakeholders.

Data privacy and security is crucial to the Trust, my role ensures that we do everything we can to protect our people, systems and information

Richard, information governance manager
Typical roles within an IM&T department
Entry level (bands 2 – 4)

Service desk analyst

Registration authority agent

Information assistant  

Information analyst

IT clinical systems training administrator

Post qualification (band 5 – 7)

System manager

Clinical information systems transformation officer

IT project manager

Assistant ICT service operations manager

Information governance manager

Principal analyst

IT service operations manager

Senior leadership (band 8a+)

Assistant director of IT services and systems development

Head of IT services and systems development

Head of performance

Assistant director of corporate governance, performance and risk (IM&T)

What do you do in information management and technology (IM&T)?

The IM&T department order and provide IT kit, develop clinical information systems, and work on the digital transformation of the Trust's electronic patient record system. The department is also responsible for cyber security, design and development of IT systems training packages, issuing SmartCards, performance management, health records and clinical coding, and information governance.

The IM&T team also support and advise managers in dealing with issues such as:

• Data breaches and patient confidentiality

• Data quality

• Data security

• Cyber security

• IT issues

• New and emerging digital technologies and solutions

• Clinical systems transformation

• Management of performance indicators

• Record keeping standards

Our promise to you

Our recruitment is person-centred. We're committed to keeping you informed at all stages and supporting you along the way.

You'll receive a first rate induction and access to a range of development programmes.

You’ll have access to our generous pension scheme, health service discounts and 27 days of annual leave plus bank holidays, which increases the longer you’re in service.

If you need a DBS check, we will pay for it, as well as your annual subscription fee for the DBS update service.

We are a Level 1 accredited service from the informatics skills development network and subscribe to their charter.

If you join at entry level, you can expect a comprehensive induction package as well as mentoring by experienced members of the team and development supporting you to reach your potential and take the next steps in your NHS career.

As a post qualification employee, you will join an experienced and established team who will provide support and mentoring to enable you to fulfil your duties and further develop your NHS career.

As a senior manager within the team you can expect to lead individual teams and work on more strategic elements of the Trust’s digital evolution and increasing digital maturity, such as the NHS Digital Transformation, in line with national, regional and local agendas, all supporting the development of a digital culture.

Creating a digital culture.pdf

IT services and systems are crucial to the delivery of our services, it's important we find resolutions to issues as quickly as possible.

The atmosphere here is great, we work hard to ensure all of our customers have access to the right systems and networks for them to do their job more efficiently.

Joe, service desk analyst
Reach your potential in our IM&T department

Lots of staff starting their careers in our IM&T department have secured promotions internally or have gained promotions at other Trusts; we take great pride in giving people the chance to develop their potential either internally or externally. The IM&T department plays a key role in enabling the Trust’s digital capabilities and plays a prominent and active role collaborating with partners.

With all of us in mind

Find out more about what it's like to work in our Trust by watching our film.

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