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With all of us in mind

We encourage, welcome and support inclusivity in our workforce and the way we provide services as an employer. All our services respect and value difference.

Our diversity strategy

We recognise that diversity and equality are core to the way we work and provide services. We must maximise people’s potential through valuing their diversity and treating them equally. The Trust is committed to equality of opportunity in employment and the recruitment of a diverse workforce regardless of race, gender, age, religion, nationality,belief, sexual orientation, criminal conviction history or disability. The Trust aims to positively support the recruitment of a diverse workforce that is representative of our local communities and will aim to ensure this process does not place any barriers to an individual’s recruitment.  

Our strategies and policies around diversity and equality promote a culture where the individuality of our service users and staff is respected. They also help us continue on our journey to become a ‘diversity competent’ organisation. To be diversity competent, we need to:

  • Meet the needs of people from diverse backgrounds – for example, gender, religion, language, sexuality
  • Recognise what those needs are and have the skills and resources to provide the right services
  • Not make decisions or mistakes based on stereotypes and ignorance

In recognition of our ongoing commitment to equality and diversity, we have received the Rainbow Tick gold award from the Barnsley LGBT Forum.

Our People
Band 5 Nurse
The atmosphere here is like being part of one big caring family.
Emily - Band 5 Nurse
Staff networks
Each of our four staff networks involve and engage staff, ensuring they have a representative voice and an influence on our approach. Our staff networks are:

The REaCH staff network - formerly the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) staff network. They have undergone a name change to the Race Equality and Cultural Heritage (REaCH) group to move away from BAME which has collectively referred to people who are not White British in a potentially ‘othering’ way, instead choosing a name to celebrate and capture the rich diversity of different communities.  The network is thriving with over 140 members.  It continues to develop since its inception in 2016, offering support and advice for racially marginalised staff who are employed by the Trust, ensuring inclusive views and needs are recognised at all levels.

Disability staff network - supports Trust staff with a disability, whether the disability is visible or not. The aims of the network are:
• To empower and support staff with a disability/ongoing long term health condition to achieve and/or maintain their potential.
• Maximise the contribution of staff in delivering the Trust’s mission, values and strategic objectives.
• To help shape and influence policies and procedures within the Trust to ensure that equality is proactively considered.

LGBT+ staff network - launched in July 2019 to empower and support staff who identify as LGBT+ to achieve their potential and maximise their contribution in delivering the Trust’s mission, values and strategic objectives.
The purpose of the network is to:
• Actively promote equality and diversity across the Trust and create an inclusive workforce.
• Support people to reach their potential showcasing the breadth of skills and talent we bring and connecting this into the organisation.
• Influence Trust policy, an informal point of contact for workplace issues relating to LGBT+ issues, signposting members to information.

Staff carers network - founded in November 2020, following a 'carers matter' event to support the production and embedding of the staff carers passport. One of the key themes revealed from the event was the need to establish a staff working carers network.
The purpose of the network is to:                                   
• Empower, embrace, and support staff carers across the trust to identify as carers.
• Support in both their caring and professional roles delivering the Trust's mission 'Families and carers matter'.
• Campaign to support “awareness raising” for staff on the implications (and advantages) of being a staff carer.
Will I be discriminated against because I have had a mental health problem?
No, it will not affect your job application in any way. The Equality Act 2010 means that it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate on the grounds of disability – including mental health – throughout the recruitment process. This includes recruitment and selection, during employment and termination of employment.

We encourage people to confidentially disclose past or current experience of mental health problems. This helps us to make reasonable adjustments in the working environment if you have any special requirement and provide you with the right support in the job.

We have been awarded the Two Tick Disability symbol which means if you have had a mental illness for the last 12 months, we will guarantee you an interview if you meet the relevant criteria.
We're a Mindful Employer
Mindful Employer is an initiative led by employers which increases awareness of mental health at work and provides ongoing support for employers in recruitment and retention of staff. With the right support, people with mental health issues can and do stay in work.

We have signed up to the Mindful Employer charter, which shows our commitment to being an exemplary employer.
As an employer we aim to:
An amazing place to live